Connect your Raspi. Use a visual programming language to connect, control, and play with all the sensors and tools.

Building your very first circuit it's easy as 123

Building Hardware was always cool

Physical things are great. Hardware companies like Apple, Arduino, etc are disrupting our lives in a big way. At BrainBox we love hardware hackers and are in absolute awe of their awesome design and applications they build.
Hobbyists can create some of these fun circuits and run them on an RaspberryPi or just in your browser with our virtual instruments to test and measure appropriate signals.

Getting Started on

One function that makes the Internet of Things the Internet of Things is remote control of devices, being able to trigger action from a remote location. With BrainBox you can edit and run your digital circuit simulation designs online on RPi, PC, Mac, thin clients, tablets within your browser and trigger any physical device.

Open- minded

At BrainBox – we have been listening to your feedback and we are working on features such as
  • more supported Hardware
  • Making simulation faster
  • Introducing more components
  • Better wiring capabilities
  • Better messaging for debugging
  • Private Sharing of Circuits
among other things. Please keep on giving us your valuable feedback and help us make BrainBox the best Circuit Simulation and IoT tool for everyone.